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Q: When was the Play Scheme Started?
A: Its inception was 1987 but the playscheme as we know it didn't begin until 1992.

Q: Who is SNAP there for?
A: SNAP is there for families who have children with Additional Support Needs.

Q: What ages do the Play Scheme cater for?
A: The Play Scheme caters for children from the ages of 5-16.

Q: How do I apply for a place at the Play Scheme?
A: You can apply for a place by contacting us directly or through a specialist referral e.g. Social Work.

Q: Are your staff fully trained?
A: Yes!  All of our staff are fully trained and hold a current PVG Certificate.   Many of our staff hold additional professional qualifications such as teaching and medicine.  In addition, we have a dedicated nursing team at the Play Scheme who cater for the medical needs of the children.

Q: How long does the Play Scheme run for and do you run at other times of the year?
A: The Play Scheme runs on weekdays for 4 weeks during the summer holidays (excluding the Glasgow Fayre bank holiday Monday) However,  the Play Scheme does NOT run at any other times during the year.

Q: What are the hours of business for the Play Scheme?
A: SNAP runs from 10am - 3pm each day.  

Q: Who is SNAP run by?
A: SNAP is run by a committee of management who meet monthly to discuss Play Scheme business.  During its 4 week run, it is managed by the Play Scheme Chairperson and Play Scheme Coordinators.  There are also Supervisors who assist the Senior Management as required.

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